Ready, steady write

Today was in fact a rather unique day, not just for Year 4, but for all the school. We had a fantastically special visitor, Mr Andy Cope- the author of the Spy Dog series.

So, the year 4 team started the day with a curious and excited march down to the hall, where they were met by Andy himself!

He set us off with a very special, but challenging task. To write the opening to a story, including a rather interesting twist. A pet Gorilla.

Springing into action, we rushed upstairs to start planning and mind mapping our ideas. We used our book shelf for inspiration and ideas for exciting starters.


The children produced some absolutely incredibly pieces of writing. We had gripping action openers, mysterious and intriguing beginnings and wonderfully brilliant styles of writing all round.

Mr Cope called into see us in action and he was very impressed with the ideas and work the team was producing. He gave us some top tips and allowed the children to share their ideas.

The hard work of the Year 4 team paid off as our very own McKenzie wrote a fantastic opening which won the whole competition!

Well done Year 4 keep up the amazing work.



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