Ready, steady write

Today was in fact a rather unique day, not just for Year 4, but for all the school. We had a fantastically special visitor, Mr Andy Cope- the author of the Spy Dog series.

So, the year 4 team started the day with a curious and excited march down to the hall, where they were met by Andy himself!

He set us off with a very special, but challenging task. To write the opening to a story, including a rather interesting twist. A pet Gorilla.

Springing into action, we rushed upstairs to start planning and mind mapping our ideas. We used our book shelf for inspiration and ideas for exciting starters.


The children produced some absolutely incredibly pieces of writing. We had gripping action openers, mysterious and intriguing beginnings and wonderfully brilliant styles of writing all round.

Mr Cope called into see us in action and he was very impressed with the ideas and work the team was producing. He gave us some top tips and allowed the children to share their ideas.

The hard work of the Year 4 team paid off as our very own McKenzie wrote a fantastic opening which won the whole competition!

Well done Year 4 keep up the amazing work.


The Snow Merchant

An early New Years resolution for Mr Tompkinson: Blogging.

Firstly, a big apology must go out on behalf  of Year 4 DT for the distinct lack of blogging. But in our absence we have indeed, been rather busy!

With our fantastic work on Clockwork completed, we now move onto our next Winter read- The Snow Merchant. A fantastic tale about Alchemy, a young girl and her quest for a new life.

We have been very lucky this time to have a copy each of this fantastic book which will no doubt be of massive benefit to the children’s learning.


The children have already begun to produce some incredible work on our new book. Today we did a detailed character study of our leading lady: Lettie Peppercorn looking closely at how the book describes her, supplemented by our own inference.

Keep up the amazing work Year 4



DIY Digestion

We had a rather disgusting afternoon on Monday, making our own digestive systems. The children were given some crackers (food), water (saliva) and orange juice (stomach acid) to mix together in a plastic bag (the stomach). This caused problems for some groups, as over-enthusiastic mixing caused the bags to break! 

After squashing the mixture down, we transferred it into the leg of a pair of tights (intestines) and squeezed out all of the liquid. When it reached the end, we cut a hole and, yes you guessed it, out it plopped! Ew! 

A trip back in time…

We’re currently on the coach home from Murton Park, having spent the most fantastic day living as Anglo Saxons. When we arrived, we were greeted by Wolf, who got children to act out the arrival of the Saxons in Britain. 

Then we went to our Saxon village and performed jobs like farming, pottery making, grinding flour and guarding the village. 

We had a banquet with entertainment at lunchtime, then it was back to the village to finish our jobs. At the end of the day, we had to fight off an invasion from a sneaky Saxon. The soldiers charged at him and the terrifying looks of our villagers s scared him right off.

Now we’ve got a coach full of muddy, tired and happy Y4s, full of facts about the how Saxons lived! 

Jumping Gyms

We had a great gymnastics session this morning, where the children put all of the jumping and balancing skills they’ve been practicing into action on the apparatus. They created sequences including two long, slow movements and two short, quick ones. I saw some fantastic leaps, twists and balances. The children thought creatively about the path they were following around the apparatus and helped each other to perfect their movements. 

Here are some action shots:

Phantom Predictors and Rocket Retrievers

This morning Year 4 DT worked incredibly hard in their guided reading!

One of our groups were working as the Phantom Predictor, looking into the future and making predictions as to what is going to happen to the Clockwork Prince and young Gretl.


Our other group were working as The Rocket Retriever, using questions as a base to find information in our class novel. The children worked brilliantly to discover more about the unique mines of Germany, and about the strange Dr Kalmenius!


Well done Year 4 keep up the great work.


False teeth

We’ve been doing a bit of dentistry this afternoon in Y4! Using clay, we’ve managed to make a set of teeth per table, which we’ll paint next week and insert into a play dough gum. Shaping the teeth was a tough job and involved a lot of attention to detail, as you can see from the photos. 

Let’s hope the tooth fairy doesn’t catch wind of all of these teeth and come creeping in!