Tick, tock, tick, tock

Time works in very mysterious ways! Especially if you add a cold, illusive Germanic winter setting, with a strange Dr and a young story teller. This is what year 4 DT have been looking at with work on our exciting new class novel, “clockwork.”

A personal favourite of our own grand master of literacy, Mr Smith, the children are on the edge of their seats as this chilling plot starts to unfold. Last week we started our guided reading session by looking at the front cover and preface of the book and made predictions as to what the book may be about. The responses were outstanding.


Today in guided reading, we studied carefully the descriptive talent of the author. Who sets a powerfully vivid image of the story, which adds mystery, suspense and uncertainty. We recored what the story states about the setting and we then used this to make our own inferences about the story and how the setting adds to the drama.


But of course, and keen to please the crowds as always, today’s selfie star goes to Jayden. Well done Jayden, you were our guided reading hero today. Your questioning and predictions about our new class novel were amazing!






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