Making links, solving problems

Creativity, problem solving, reasoning and progress. This seems to be the way in y4 DT mathematics at the moment. The work the children are producing is of a very high standard. Today we were looking at using the inverse operation to check our answers and solve reasoning questions.

Some of our groups had a very challenging shape puzzle to solve. With triangles and squares given the values of 7 and 17, the children had to work out the value of a mystery circle, which added together gave a total, changing each time.

The children used their knowledge of the inverse operation incredibly well to solve these tricky challenges. We even had a visit from Mrs Heap which inspired the children to work even harder!


Then we moved on to a spot of big maths. Smashing our learn it’s and mastering our doubling the children set about to practise the vital aspect of mathematics. In our times table duel everyone gave a wonderful performance showing incredible link making and enjoying of challenge.


Well done Year 4, keep being you.


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