Smashing Saxon Day

We had an action packed day on Wednesday, when the Y4 classes were transformed into two rival tribes of Anglo Saxons, looking for the best place to settle. We jumped straight into it; getting Saxon names and jobs, and using maps to identify where we should settle (the options may have looked suspiciously like the field and muga but I can assure you they were fields in ancient Britain).

We then set to work preparing our villages by making crafts and weapons. We worked incredibly hard and produced some amazing swords, shields, helmets, stained glass windows and jewellery. Meanwhile, little did Y4DT know that we were also planning an attack on their land…

Then the time came for the great battle! We marched against the opposing tribe, then charged and surrounded them. They were forced to hand over their land and admit defeat, although they weren’t very happy about it and began calling us names like ‘smelly Saxons’! 

We eventually came to an agreement for peace by trading a number of swords, shields, a few farmers and a good number of gold coins! This week, we’ll be using our experience to write a description of the battle so make sure to pop in and take a look at your child’s wonderful writing! 


25 thoughts on “Smashing Saxon Day

  1. Good morning mis wood I now the time is 09:35 that’s the time I all wase wake up on Saturday and Sunday . I am so so so Sory about my coment it went rong . I loved the book from yesterday please read us more!!!πŸ‘πŸ‘ because I love your reading it Is funny and niceπŸ‘Œ.

    From shifa 😘😘😘😘


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