Thinking about kindness

This afternoon in Y4AE, we were thinking about using kindness.

Miss Edwards showed us two apples that were exactly the same size and colour. We all agreed that one was definitely better than the other. We then took it in turns to say unkind things to the second apple, and then throw it. It was surprising how many people joined in, even though at the beginning everyone had agreed they looked the same.

Then Miss Edwards asked if we wanted to eat the apples. We all wanted to eat the first apple as it looked delicious and juicy. Hardly anyone wanted the second apple. But, in the end we all agreed they both looked nearly exactly the same from the outside.

Then, Miss Edwards cut open both apples.

The first apple had been looked after and looked yummy. The second apple had had unkind things said and done to it, and it was only until we cut into it and saw the inside that we saw how hurt the apple was. Our unkind words and actions had bruised the apple. 

We then compared this to how people feel on the inside when other people are unkind to them. This has inspired us to be more kind and think about what we want to say before we say it. We’re also hoping to catch lots of random acts of kindness!


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