Checking up on Busk Park´╗┐

Last week we began to look at their services in our community and the effect they can have on our lives.

We have been in contact with our local counsellor and will be visiting the Lord Mayor in a few weeks so we decided to find out if there are any problems and suggestions we can raise with them about Shirecliffe. 

We were worried that Busk Park was becoming untidy again after we worked hard last year to smarten it up so we headed out this morning to investigate. The children could see lots of great things in the park, including flowers, artwork and grass to play on but also found a lot of rubbish and graffiti. We will be including this in our letters to the council and making suggestions as to how to keep Busk Park clean and tidy. 

Here are a few of the collages we made this afternoon using our photos:

What makes a good community?

We’ve started a new ‘expedition’ into community this week. We’ll be looking at our local area, how we use it and how it impacts on our community.

We began by asking a smaller question: what is community?  Here are some children puzzling over this very idea: 

 We looked at how different animals work together as a community and how this relates to our question. 

We are encouraging children to go out and take photos of our local area to send into school. You can email them to the school address with your child’s teachers name in the subject. We look forward to seeing some!